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Throat master 4 years ago
No I’m the throat master. Haha
Take Note... 3 years ago
His positive reinforcement is refreshing - they are both enjoying themselves! Tell her she's a good girl, and, the bad girl always shows up.
FuckmyFace 3 years ago
I wish I found a Man who wants to fuck my Face like this!! I need a huge cock to fuck me brutal.. I love no breath and fist
I search YouTube pls Help!! 3 years ago
Wait thats not YouTube?
Slide thru 3 years ago
I want her name I need to fuck a girls
Throat like thay
No. Nope. Absolutely not. 4 years ago
ThroatFucker 2 years ago
Omg she is making stroke my cock hard !! Edging!
Gawd Am 1 year ago
This chick...if she doesn't ACTUALLY love every second of this blowhole abuse, she had me fooled. if she is faking it she deserves an Oscar.

Normally wannabe tough girls and those in way over their heads are my thing, but this girl is hands down the best I have seen in my 20 years watching throat fuckings
Álex fong 1 year ago
I love It, a girl face ITS just a masturbation tool
Mark 3 years ago
She's are sexy price of shit
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