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Manhandled Sloppy Throatfucking Facial Compilation 3

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Ashley 4 years ago
Once a month my husband makes me get throat fucked by a couple friends of his. It's very rough and sometimes kinda scary. But when its done my panties are soaking wet and they draw straws and I get fucked by one of them.
Blondegirl 4 years ago
Wow I need to learn how to do this
1 year ago
If you dont feel bad after watching this you are not a human
Lulz 2 years ago
I really like the trash whore whose tits are melting off her body and whose wig came off mid face-fuck. What a dumpster whore.

Really talk though Fox racing slut is pretty hot. I wouldn’t mind skull fucking her and shooting a load all over that slut’s dumb face.
2 years ago
I love seeing a bitch get used, it's awesome to see what normally don't stop talking being shoved full of hard dick
This dude is such a loser. 1 year ago
I mean, mommy issues galore. He does this bc he won't get help dealing with his issues.
Triscuit 7 months ago
Someone’s daughter:
Dick 1 year ago
Throw that weak ass bitch back!
Me next 10 months ago
Fuck yes. That's how to use me.
God father 1 year ago
The song at the beginning is cowboys from hell - pantera, just in case anyone's wondering, lol